Started on June 12, 2017

Ages, Structure and Enrollment
We will accept boys and girl goaltenders, Ages 9 to 12 as of December 31, 2017. Goalies will be grouped by “teams,” age and ability. All work is done as an individual, with a partner, or in a “station”. What you do is important, not what the player does next to you.

(Group A) Ages 9-12 plus considering the goaltenders ability level

Enrollment is limited to 36 goaltenders. Registration is based on first come, first served. The school is a commuter program … no housing is provided.

Typical Schedule

5:00-5:30pm…Off-Ice Dryland Training EPCC Facility

(Combined Groups A and B)

5:45- 6:30pm . . . Combined Classroom & Video Analysis in classroom at EPCC Gym (Group A)

5:45- 6:30pm . . . Intense Off-Ice Dryland Training EPCC Facility (Group B)

7:00 – 9:00pm. . . Ice Session EPCC Rink #3 – Movement Agility/Shooting Stations

(Combined Group A and Group B) 9:00pm………..Group A done/home

9:15 -10:00pm. . Combined Classroom & Video Analysis in classroom at EPCC (Group B)

10:00pm………Group B done/home